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Maximum sound insulation and high reliability. These are the peculiar characteristics that distinguish the Cipriani generators and make them the best within the sector.

Electrogen Groups

Enjoy the home energy
The portfolio of Cipriani® generators offers a wide choice to satisfy needs with a performance range between 6 to 100 KW.
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Our technicians are available 24 hours to guarantee maximum safety and optimization of plant performance.
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Enjoy our rental solutions

You can rely on us for constant maintenance programs, mobile power, energy in case of emergency, requests for sudden loads, voltage drops and for any special event.

Discover the quality of our products.


Enjoy the light. Cipriani® is the leader in the market of generators. We distinguish ourselves since 1928 for quality, safety, reliability and attention to innovation.


Used Guaranteed

Cipriani® offers a wide range of used and guaranteed generators, which have undergone a technical review and fulfill every requirement of safety and reliability.

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Cipriani® allows you to rent the most reliable and efficient Generating Sets available on the market, both for short and long runs.

Contact Us

H24 Assistance, 7 days on 7

(+39) 06 79 32 74 74

Cipriani®technical assistance is always precise, punctual and accurate.
Our assistanceis connected with branches, agencies and authorized workshops
throughout the country and internationally, to ensure maximum timeliness.
We rely on highly specialized mechanics and technicians, whose preparation is continuously updated
with operational stages on new technologies and new work methods.
The staff operates in strict compliance with current safety regulations and intervenes immediately in every emergency case,
both on Cipriani® equipment and on generators from other manufacturers.



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