Refurbished Generators

Reliable energy.

Cipriani® offers fully refurbished products, with extended guarantee, which go through strict quality and efficiency controls. The products are renewed in our mechanical workshop and aesthetically improved with our painting oven, so as to obtain perfectly reconditioned and guaranteed products, as valuable as the new ones. Cipriani® produces generators with compact dimensions, and guarantees particular attention to noise dejection (up to 50 dba).

In addition, the autonomy of the machines is such that it does not have to access additional reserves for their usage, with tanks of daily capacity up to 48 hours of autonomy.

All our generators are equipped with electronic control units designed to be managed and monitored remotely with dedicated IP and through its own LAN.



Subsidized loans up to 60 months


Extension of the 48-month warranty


Telephone and on-site assistance service h24


Accurate controls on all products


Trade in your used product with ours


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