The Company

On the market since 1928.


Enjoy the light. Cipriani® is an historical Italian company producing generating sets since 1928. The company is a pillar in the field of generators and it stands out for quality, safety, reliability and attention to innovation.

Our main strength is an advanced Research and Development Center that allows us to offer the highest quality standards in the field of generators, with products that widwly exceed the requirements of the EEC directives and the regulations on atmospheric and acoustic pollution, electromagnetic compatibility and accident prevention.

We have always taken the utmost care for the protection of environment and workers. Non-polluting materials and attention to the recycling and certified disposal of industrial waste, accurate controls on consumption and emissions, continuous cooperation with international organizations and universities, all this is combined with a great attention to employees’ safety and growth.

The production and rental of a wide range of diesel and gas sound insulated Generating Sets (from 2 to over 2600 KVA) comes from a great experience and an advanced knowledge, thanks to which we also offer a valuable service of post sales assistance, rental and maintenance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Flexibility allows us to always achieve our objectives based on the needs of our customers.

Since over 80 years, energy, innovation and reliability have a name: Cipriani®.



  • Offer the highest quality standards on the market of generators.
  • Be the reference point for quality, safety, reliability and attention to innovation, while taking the utmost care to protect the environment and workers.
  • Provide continuous and professional assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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